Battery Cable – iGreely 8 AWG 8 Gauge Wire Made with Tinned Copper PV Wire Battery Power Inverter Cables with 5/16″ Lugs Terminals for Solar Panel Automotive Motorcycle RV Marine -2ft/3ft


Battery cables – 8 Gauge inverter cables contain set of positive (Red) and negative (Black) battery cables.
The battery cable is made of heavy duty 8 gauge solar wire, the tinned copper wires prevent corrosion and allow for more easily soldering, it’s also very thick and durable.
Each cable has (1) 5/16” ring terminal (already crimped), allowing it to fit over battery disconnects/switches.
PV Wire – PV Jacket insulation is thick and sturdy, coated well, durable and very flexible, UV Resistant.
Choose the right length for your project, add on your truck and it makes it easier to add or install anything you may need, add a better ground to your vehicle, use it for power cap on your system, also for off-grid project.